"Let Me Out Here is an extraordinary collection of hidden moments and midnight roads, tales of characters held captive to their own stories, following their own leads past points of no return, far beyond the trail’s end. Pease's confidence gives this collection a driving intimacy, a deft and crafted boldness, the kinds of stories told from the passenger seat of an idling car to a stranger standing uncertain on the sidewalk. I’ll follow Pease wherever she’s going."

Amelia Gray, author of Isadora and Gutshot

“These are gorgeous and haunting stories. In Let Me Out Here, Emily Pease has given us a collection that is both urgent and timeless. She’s a sublime writer, and her fiction is shot through with grace and beauty and the gravity of hard-won emotion.”

Bret Anthony Johnston, author of Remember Me Like This

"The stories in Let Me Out Here deserve to be overlarded with glowing adjectives, to be heralded as luminous, soulful, piercing, spirited, and wise. Pease has managed a rare feat (with her debut no less): she's charted a new constellation out of the ancient human pole stars of love, desire, family, faith, and fear. She at once manages to achieve the sharp-elbowed intimacy of Grace Paley and the formal restraint of Tobias Wolff's best work. These stories have all the sweetness and bite of spiked sun tea and should be indulged likewise, both recklessly and responsibly."

Cheston Knapp, author of Up Up, Down Down and Managing Editor, Tin House

"Like all writers typing for keeps, Ms. Pease brings to the page the intelligence to know what matters and great empathy for those beleaguered by what matters. Hers is a style as deft as it is nuanced, her touch as light as it is sharp. She's not merely the newest scribbler in Storytown; she is the sly one on the second floor of the big house on the corner of Main and First, studying the to and fro down below and telling the tales that angels must."

Lee K. Abbott, contest judge, author of All Things, All at Once